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Swivel offers graphic facilitation as an exciting and powerful visual
stimulus to help inspire and enable creative problem solving, strategic thinking, accelerated learning
and collaborative group engagement.

Graphic facilitation is essentially the art of distilling key ideas and
emerging themes from a live presentation, group discussion, debrief
or meeting, and synthesising these into large-scale, integrated visual stories, before an audience or participant group, in real-time.

This visual process creates a stimulating feedback-loop for the participants, which helps deepen their understanding, trigger new ideas and crystalise group thinking. Post event, the visuals become great artefacts, and prove
useful as referencing, communications, planning, and development tools.

Swivel offers graphic facilitation services for:

•   Conferences & Events

•   Keynote Presentations

•   Strategy Sessions

•   Change Management


•   Collaborative Workshops

•   Training Seminars

•   Expos & Trade Shows

•   Think Tanks


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Graphic facilitation

(or graphic recording)